Strawberry Season!

It is June and we have launched into Strawberry season at South Pond! We love these power packed berries for so many reasons! Did you know that just one serving (approximately eight strawberries) contains well over 100% of your recommend daily vitamin C? Or that they are high in antioxidants and flavonoids? These compounds, while varied, serve as protection against cell damage and are natural anti-inflammatories. Studies have found that on going consumption of these molecular superheroes can reduce your risk of a number of ailments from stroke, to high blood pressure, and potentially, even cancer.  In addition to all of these fantastic health benefits, we happen to think that they are pretty tasty! If you missed our Strawberry Moon Supper last week don’t fret, the Strawberry Shortcake Country Farm House Supper is just around the corner!

We are determined to make the most of this short season and invite you to join us in celebrating all things Strawberry! Don't hesitate to call if you are looking to more about our events or delicious summer Farm Flavours. 


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