Seasons on the Moraine - Fleetwood Valley: Then & Now

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Seasons on the Moraine - Fleetwood Valley: Then & Now


October 1st  - Fleetwood: Then & Now
Guide: Barb Heidenreich
Tickets are $30 plus tax

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Fleetwood Valley - Then & Now

Program:  Learn about and explore a distinctive part of Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage – the landscape of Fleetwood Creek.   This river valley system, south-west of Bethany, is on the Oak Ridges Moraine and includes over 1,100 protected acres of lowland forests, hardwood bush, wetlands, headwaters and prairie – with hundreds of native plant species and an abundance of wildlife.  Your guide will explain Fleetwood’s pre-historic geography and early settlement period.  You will walk the trails and identify the geological formations of the glacial past – eskers, kames, boulders and ice-contact ridges.  You will find vestiges of early settler homesteading - stone foundations, ponds, rock piles, fence lines, lilacs and locusts.  You will witness a changed and changing landscape striving for renewal – forests regenerating, grasses recovering, wildlife returning.
And, with us, you will ask about the future.  

Your Guide:  Barb Heidenreich  - a geographer, natural heritage conservation co-ordinator, land use planner… formerly with the Region of Durham, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Trent University, Boston University’s School for Field Studies, Ontario Municipal Board, Evergreen and the Ontario Heritage Trust. Barb is Forests Ontario’s Heritage Tree advisor and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance.

11 a.m.   Welcome & Brunch  -  South Pond Farms
11:45  a.m.       Overview – geography & history  
12:15  p.m. Trail Walk & Interpretation - pond, wetland, woodland, prairie, homestead, lookout

Return walk by trail or (optional) transportation to South Pond Farms (10 minutes)