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Full Moon Suppers - Flower Moon

Flower Moon Supper
 the earth is full of forest and field flowers

Based on the lunary rhythm and the farmer's almanac names were given to each of the moons to represent what is happening in nature in this region.

To celebrate the full moon we will serve a delicious farm to table meal "al fresco" on our harvest tables in the clover field outside, under the stars. Menus are based on fire and our gardens, whatever is fresh and in season, guided by the lunar theme.  Hear the forest and fields come alive with night life. This will be an exceptional evening.


New Moon- Garden Canapés
Crosswind Farms Truffle,Wild flowers
Waymac Mushroom Duxelle, Ash Crostini

First Quarter- Around the Pond
Spring Asparagus & Hibiscus Consomme
Quail Egg, Garlic Chips, Danielle's Herbs

Full Moon- Field Dining
Maple Wild Leek Wallenstien Mennonite Pig
Spelt Wild Flowers Spatzle, Spring onions, Sumac Jus

Waning Gibbous- Goat Farm 
"Nanny Noire" Soft Ripened Goat Cheese

Warning Crescent- Barn
Country Ice Cider Rhubarb Cake, Cardamom Chantilly, Danielle's Flowers