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Silk Scarf Dyeing & Nuno Felting with Dale Sutton

A day of textiles and creativity

Come spend the day with Mixed Media artist Dale Sutton, creating a unique silk felted scarf.  You will spend the morning learning about methods for dyeing silk fabric, and then choose a scarf and dye it with your own colour choices.  After lunch,  you will learn how to add, using nuno felting techniques,  wool rovings and other embellishments to your scarf to complete your creation. Throughout the day, you will learn the basics about dyeing, particularly on silk, as well as the felting process, but with Dale’s love for teaching, she will share lots of tips and ideas for you to use on your own later. 

Dale has explored a wide range of art forms, but in the last 10 years, she has returned to her first passion – textiles, creating a new art form that combines the gifts of the quilter and the seamstress with the artist’s eye for dazzling combinations and an uncanny ability to recognize and integrate found art.  She employs techniques such as silk fusion, quilting, wool felting, surface embellishment, beading, clay and tyvek.  The results are unique wall hangings and accessories that defy categorization. She will bring a sampling of her art for you to see.


10:00 - Begin your day by greeting South Pond mascot Millie the goat on your way to meet owner Danielle and artist Dale in the property’s restored 100 year old barn. Learn about the history of the property and it’s restoration while enjoying coffee, tea, granola and fresh fruit.
10:30 - See some samples of finished scarves so that you can start to think about your own creation.  Learn the basics of dyeing on silk, including how different types of silks accept dye, types of dyes to be used, and general tips.
11:00 - Choose a scarf and colours that you want to work with during the day, and start your own dyeing process.  Before lunch, your dyed scarf will be drying and getting ready for our next stage.
12:30 - Break for lunch by our outdoor stone-oven and enjoy handmade pizzas and fresh green salad.
1:30 - Dale will share an overview of felting, including a bit of history, types of materials and how they felt differently, and the basics you will use to felt your own hand-dyed scarf.
2:00 - Start to lay down the wool and embellishments for your scarf, and start your own felting process
3:00 - Break and try one of our award winning maple butter tarts with your afternoon tea/coffee.
3:30 - Finish off your felting and blocking of your scarf, and Dale will answer any questions you may have.
4:30 - After admiring all of your creations, relax outside in our Muskoka chairs overlooking the property and enjoy and glass of beer or wine.

$140 per person