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Country Farmhouse Suppers - Fire and Smoke

Fire and Smoke Supper

Our farmhouse suppers are based on traditional country food served on the farm with our own contemporary twist. Our menus are based on what is in season and what is plentiful featuring local produce, meats, cheese, bread wine and beer. Join us for seasonal and authentic country fare served in our barn with music and a unique theme. 

"Fire & Smoke"

 Smoke & Fire  Canapés   
Chef’s Smoke and Fire Inspired bites


Cedar Roasted Whitefish, Farm Sweet Pea Soup, Pristine Oil, Garden Herbs, Hempseeds,

Fire -  

CherryWood Grilled Whole Chicken, Smoked New Baby Potatoes, Charcoal Lunar Beets, Green Bean Hens Egg Salad, & Niagara Cherry & chilli Glaze

Ashes & Smoke

Hot as Hade Chocolate Fudge  
Roasted White Chocolate, Smoked Vanilla Crackling

Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten/Dairy Free Diets always welcome.