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Classical Brunch with Las Cinco Brisas

Mix musicianship with friendship and you get the eclectic group Las Cinco Brisas. Capping off the term, this cross genre group delights listeners with their melodies and popular song interpretations. Las Cinco Brisas (Spanish for The Five Winds) is a woodwind quintet comprised of five Toronto area musicians who share a common love of music as well as enjoying one another's company. We are pleased to welcome them back to South Pond Farms with a fun program of popular classical arrangements with a taste of standard woodwind quintet repertoire thrown into the mix.

Sylvia Davis, Flute
Cristina Sewerin,  Oboe
Elizabeth Day, Clarinet
Elke Eble, Horn
Larkin Hinder,  Bassoon



Maple Cinnamon  Brioche, Creams & Preserves  

Lunar Rhythms Spring Vegetables

Sorrel Sumac Ranch, Clover, Pickled Mushrooms

BBQ’d Benny’s

Danielle’s Smoked Pork, Poached Egg, Red Fife Biscuit ,“Salade de Primptemps au Quinoa”, Buffalo Milk Vinaigrette, Cherry Smoked Linwood Farms Trout,  Baby Greens  

Classical FarmHouse Cheese

Upper Canada Nanny Noire triple cream brie, Garden Rhubarb Chutney, Honey, Bee Pollen,  Ash Crostini