Private Gatherings: Create Your Unforgettable Event at South Pond Farms

Let us help you plan a one of a kind private gathering for your group. Our refurbished barn, and iconic silo offer unique and versatile meeting spaces, while our gardens and trail systems provide beautiful natural settings for nature walks, therapy, yoga or meditation.


As a Proud Ontario FeastOn member, our creative and delicious menus are crafted from the finest locally sourced ingredients.

South Pond Farms is the perfect destination to escape the ordinary. We take care of every detail: from planning the menus to our fun, out of the ordinary, and engaging activities and hands-on workshops.

We are dedicated to providing excellent, environmentally conscious, and sustainable events, while delivering an inspiring and rewarding experience for your group.

What We Offer


Our Chef is committed to preparing the best seasonal cuisine for our guests. We grow our own vegetables, flowers, and herbs. What we don’t raise ourselves, we buy from local farmers and meat purveyors. Kevin Mckenna, our award-winning chef and James Beard House invitee, crafts each menu in collaboration with our house gardener. We bake fresh sourdough breads and pastries on site and operate from a deep-seated philosophy of cooking from scratch and wasting nothing.

We offer a full service bar featuring craft cocktails, and a well-chosen selection of local wines, beers, and spirits.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Fireside snacks and parties


Whether a group of friends or colleagues, we design activities that are fun and encourage camaraderie. We offer engaging opportunities in team building that promote the group over the individual. Our activities – in the kitchen or outdoors – are designed to nudge participants outside the rhythm of their daily lives, while reconnecting with nature…and each other.

Outdoor Activities

Learn to take aim and fire a bow and arrow from an expert. Your group will learn the basics of what is now an olympic sport.

A traditional outdoor game with two teams set out to capture each other’s flags for the win. Organize your team with our leader.

Groups must use materials from nature – no hammers or nails allowed! Teams choose from three fort designs according to the groups’ skill level. The exercise ranges from one to three hours depending on skill and interest.

A 45-minute course on the the property through woods, hill and dale. It is balanced to suit different skill levels and varied to provide interest to those not athletic. Dodge the haystack, jump a bale, forage through our gardens. It is a rewarding experience for everyone.  

Help clear the brush by trimming tree and bush limbs all while connecting with past generations who shaped the land by hand. Wield an axe, make a fire, feel the satisfaction! .

Tour the gardens to collect leaves, plants, and flowers to create with and take home. Make seasonal wreaths or pot a plant at our potting bar.

Gather together, create together. It’s more about the gathering and creating than the outcome. This course can accommodate up to twelve individuals.

A presentation about the importance of bees in our environment and how honey is made. Honey tasting included.

Cooking Classes

We can accommodate twelve guests in the kitchen for hands-on cooking classes. Duration is two-hours. We can also tailor a component of one of our cooking classes to a demonstration for your group.

Grill meats and veggies, even make sauces outside, over an open fire – weather permitting, of course! We can accommodate up to 20 participants.

Learn to make pasta by hand and prepare a sauce. We can accommodate up to 12 participants.  

Artisanal Bread-making

Up to 12 participants can learn how to make tangy homemade sourdough bread, learn the principles of sourdough and how to make a loaf at home. Taste different varieties and take a loaf home.

Learn to make our famous flatbread dough, then bake into pides with some delicious toppings. We can accommodate up to 12 participants for this hands-on workshop.

At the Bar

Our ceramic tile silo is an original structure and a unique feature of the property, and it’s a wonderful place to meet our sommelier and taste and learn about the differences between scotch, bourbon, whisky and rye. Other tastings are available such as wine and beer.

We’ll help you create the perfect soundscape for your event with our DJ, Peter St. Patrick Francis and his team, or live entertainment, though all music will be subject to municipal bylaws.

We are deeply committed to the environment, that’s why we take action as a business – and as individuals – to reduce our footprint. It’s in the way we manage our waste, source our food, and manage our property. We also offer bussing to larger groups to help keep transportation communal. Here are some of the ways we reduce, reuse and recycle:

  • We compost or feed suitable kitchen scraps to our goats and chickens

  • We use a Bokashi Bucket composting system to break down meat and dairy

  • We recycle

  • We have a no plastic policy

  • We use only real glass, cutlery, and china plates for all our meals, even outdoors

  • We are as energy efficiency as possible

South Pond Farms is proud to offer a choice of transportation services, depending on your style and budget. From school buses, luxury buses, limousines, and private drivers, just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make all the arrangements.    

Staying in the area is the best way to enjoy the South Pond experience, so we’ve listed our accommodation partners on the website. We have two luxurious houses in the area and each can sleep five couples. Bed and Breakfast offer authentic partners can be directly for pricing and the new Days Inn and Suites in nearby Lindsay is a lovely, very modern option.


Contact us for pricing and to arrange your day.