Take advantage of having your team together in a unique setting to polish some crucial workplace skills


Build a Great Culture

Take the time to work through the intangible issues that always seem to slip down the list but that can pay major dividends in a happy workplace.

Learn how to manage change and ensure your people are fully engaged by improving employee experience. Our friend Céline Williams is an experienced facilitator who will help you improve communication and performance. She can also help you reduce resistance and turnover by increasing Emotional Intelligence and providing creative solutions for building and maintaining outstanding teams. Set aside some time to think differently, and watch the results add up. 

Boost Your Presentation Skills

Sure, you’re good at your job. But how good are you at communicating your ideas?

Honing your presentation skills pays off everywhere from the conference stage to the meeting room to that informal one-on-one chat in the hall. Learn practical skills like how to use your hands, proper voice technique and how to own your space as you present calmly, with confidence and conviction. Your guide is Denis Grignon, who draws on 25-plus years as a professional standup comedian performing for a wide range of corporate and government audiences. He has presented the Funny Money financial skills lectures at more than 200 high schools across the country. Denis is also an experienced journalist whose work appears regularly in the Toronto Star and on national CBC Radio.

Tackle the Tough Stuff

Set the daily demands of your business aside for a few hours and focus on the big issues you never seem to have time to take on in the avalanche of day-to-day tasks.

Maybe you really want to get around to creating that strategic plan or hashing out a mission statement to guide your growth. Maybe you want to expand, change course or simply get everyone’s ideas on an upcoming project. The subject matter is up to you—go at it on your own or ask us about a facilitator who can guide your conversations. Our unique setting can’t help but give rise to creative new ideas that will drive future innovation and success.

Contact us to plan your ideal day at the farm.